Saturday, March 11, 2017

If Statues Could Vote Mayavati Would Have Won!

Mayavati Statues
Mayavati Statues

It's not the EMV, but useless statues that made Mayavati lost again. She wasted time, money and efforts on them, but alas! they could not vote. Why did Bahaji build a massive number of statues anyway? had she spent the money on poor, she could have won.

It was the ego of power that convinced Mayawati that she was the queen of Utter Pradesh and would rule people in every situation. During her tenure in Uttar Pradesh, she spent the hard earned money of taxpayers in building white elephants that could not walk. Further, she constructed statues of Dalit Leaders including herself. Her statue campaign was so massive that at one point it seemed that she would convert India into Dalitistan.

She used to be a Dalit and poor leader. People would call her Dalit Ki Beti, but little did they know that money would make her corrupt. She turned into Daulat Ki Beti and led a lavish life forgetting her goal of helping poor and Dalits.

Mayawati wearing money garland
Mayawati wearing money garland

She consecutively lost two elections and have almost spent the looted money. And now she has no chance of returning to the power. Though before the election she announced that she would not build any more statues and concentrate on development, but people were not convinced. After losing the UP Election 2017, she ridiculously blamed the EMV for it.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Do madrasas promote terrorism?

In a courageous move, the BJP government in Maharashtra has decided to de-recognise  Madrasas which only impart knowledge on Islam without conferring formal subjects like English, Maths and Science subjects. The move has raised the temper of Muslim organizations across the country.

Madrasas don't come in school category as they don't give a formal education and a non-Muslim child can not get there, same as a non-Muslim person don't get the entry in Makka - Madina. These institutions only teach religion and that too Islam which is called the religion of peace despite all the bloodshed it does across the world.

Madrasa makes a person Jihadi.It does not provide any formal education, degree, moral values so the students of Madrasa neither get a good job nor become a good human being. Somehow they earn a living hood. Lives of these people are miserable and they are most prone to anti social activities. Madrasa is termed as "nursery of terrorism" as they inject hate and crime in the soft minds of children.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Aamir Khan Mocks Hindu Gods

PK movie of Aamir Khan is not the first movie which has hurt Hindu sentiments. This is not for the first time that a Bollywood movie has mocked Hindu gods, idol worshiping and religious rituals. In last few years there has been a competition in the film industry to make controversial movies and because of controversy and protest those movies get cheap publicity, become super-hit on box office and earn huge money.

So now no director want to work hard they use a simple formula, they take up a famous actor, insert a controversial script and dialogs, item songs, sex and nudity that's it. PK is the latest movie in this succession.PK though produced and directed by Hindu (Vidhu Vinod Chopra, Rajkumar Hirani) and there are many Hindu actors and artists still
It is an Anti-Hindu movie. Perhaps this is the most tragic aspect of the 21st century that money has surpassed everything. It has become the most desired thing for a person for which he can become nude, insult his religion, anything for money.
Aamir and Anushka Should be arrested
It is said to be a comedy - satire movie but in reality, it insults Hindu religion, Gods, rituals, Idol worshiping and terms Hindu as timid for going temple. The most controversial dialog of this film is "Jo darta hai wo Mandir Jata hai" here Aamir Khan totally overlooks history; he forgets that even his ancestors (Mughals) had tried to eliminate Hindu religion in their reign. They destroyed thousands of temples, Killed and converted millions of Hindus, raped women but India is still world largest Hindu nation and Hindu constitutes 70% of Indian population. Even Christian ruled India for 300 years they were equally cruel as Mughals but still, we are still alive that's It is called "Santana Dharma" (A religion with no beginning and end). Hindus are not timid they are tolerant and their tolerance should not be considered as weakness. A Hindu does not go to temple out of fear but out of love and devotion towards God.

Aamir Khan has also forgotten to tell what a person should be called who goes to a mosque may be a terrorist.
Why PK Should Be Boycotted and Banned
We have not got any reliable pieces of evidence of alien’s existence, maybe they are imagination so movie itself is promoting superstitions rather than exposing it
Pk movie talks about poor, it says instead of pouring milk on Shiva Ling, give it to a poor people. Now let’s understand this statement. Minimum budget of a film is into cores and it earns several hundred cores.  How much money these Bollywood celebrities spend on poor people? Temples have their Prasad and Bhandara on a regular interval. Let me clear this misconception, milk poured on a Shiva Ling is not a waste because it is distributed among devotees afterward.
Here once again Aamir Khan forgot to mention that sheets offered on a Mazar should be given to a beggar who is shivering in this chilling cold.
PK promotes Love Jihad and it is cross-border love jihad in which girl Anushka Sharma is an Indian (Hindu) girl and Shusant Singh Rajput a Muslim (Pakistani) boy. Sunny Leone should have played the role of Anushka Sharma because she is the perfect match with Aamir Khan in nudity.
 It also encourages Public demonstration of physical love as a few days ago we have witness Kiss of Love movement where people were demanding the right to be freely and safely indulge into physical activities on public places.
In this movie, Pakistanis are portrayed as true and loyal while in reality, they are backstabbing and terrorist supporters

It promotes nudity as it was clear with the first poster of nude Aamir Khan. An alien has been shown in other movies as well but without nudity. I don't know how this movie passed out from censor board; I think they have given big bribe to a board member that’s why the board is not ready to censor controversial scenes despite strong nationwide protest. Makers of PK have also offered 8 Cr to the   Oh My God team for delaying the film however they refused it.
It is also said that this film has been funded by ISI and other terrorists ‘organisations. These are some of the reasons for a demand to ban and boycott PK.

The film has been widely criticized, Baba Ramdev, Swarupanand Saraswati BJP leaders, and workers and other Hindu organizations. Many FIR cases have been registered against Aamir Khan. Bajrang Dal and VHP have gone a step further and vandalized many theaters showing PK movie. A probe has been ordered by Maharashtra chief minister Ram Shinde. Narendra Modi and Rajnath Singh should take strong actions against the filmmakers. Let’s see what is store for PK in future.